Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brooklyn Update

Yesterday was Brooklyn's IEP (Individual Education Plan) at her school and it went reasonably well. My goal was to get the district to refer Brooklyn to CSDR (California School for the Deaf at Riverside) and they were supportive, all except her teacher, who beleives that Brooklyn's other needs will not be addressed at CSDR. Brooklyn's class right now is for hearing students with multiple handicaps, and Brooklyn has an interpreter with her there. I am very excited that I didn't have to fight too much to get the district to see my side and support what I know is best for Brooklyn. CSDR will offer Brooklyn constant access to language, therefore, increasing Brooklyn's language. I have had to fight many battles with her schools in the past, and I have become a little battle weary as of late. So this is a good thing and now we can submit her application to have her transfered there.
We have been waiting months for Brooklyn's psychological assesments to be complete. Before Christmas she was fully evaluated and we discussed the results yesterday. The results were a little discouraging for me, because she is so low functioning compared to our old Brooklyn. This depresses me at times, so I try not to think about it. I try not to look back at what is lost and to focus on what I still have, which is a daughter that is still here with us that brings us much joy, just in a different way. I have heard it explained by people who live with a brain injury survivor that it is like the old person you knew died, and now you have to learn to get to know this new person. I can relate completely with that.
Ok, so enough of that. Here are some of the new improvements Brooklyn has made:
She can write her name again, with reminders as to where to put the "L".
She can read some words and the list grows a little each day.
She sets the table and loves to help me cook.
She loves to go to school and gets herself dressed all by herself in the morning.
She sits still in primary and loves to "read" her scriptures.
She can sign her own prayers now.
She can tell us in simple signs about an exciting event like "CARSON MONEY!" ( Carson got a dollar from the tooth fairy)
She is very aware of the family routine, and loves to be a part of it.
She is making progress all the time, and we have faith that she will continue to do so. Thank you everyone for your support!