Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brian's Dream Come True!

I just have to brag a little for Brian. I am so proud of him. For six years he has been going through the interview process to become an LAPD motorcyle officer. As many of you know, Brian LOVES motorcyles. Once Brian gets his sights locked on a goal he does not give up until he "conquers" it (in his own words). Each time you interview for a position, you get ranked on a list according to your score. They only make a new list every 2 years. The first time he was ranked 100 something, I think. The next time it was 63, then this last November he ranked 36! We were so excited. He didn't make the cut for the first motor school this year, but he did for the second class. He started motor school on July 9. Out of seventeen LAPD officers only 3 graduated motor school. Brian was Top Gun of the class, including some other officers from other agencies! I am so proud of him. He said that motor school was the most stressful thing he has ever done in his life. They really put the officers through the grind, and there was no mercy. If you weren't up to par, then you were out. Their mentality was the instructors wanted to sleep at night feeling they only allow the best to be out there on the road so they can go home to their families. I of course appreciated that. I am so proud of Brian for persevering and conquering this goal of his. He is such an example to me of dedication and perseverence.
Brian got his Harley last Thursday and says its so much fun to go to work now. I think he is still in awe that he's really a motor officer. I wish I could post pictures, but we still don't have a camera! Too many other things on the list like school clothes and such!
I love my husband so much and am so proud of him!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Help please!

Ughhh! I have tried to change this ugly background a million times! Why won't it change? Can anyone help me? I copy and paste the new background info under "add a gadget", but it never takes. What am I doing wrong?