Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Graduation!

I finally did it! It has been so hard! I have been going through the interpreter training program since 2008 and I finally finished.
Two years ago when Brooklyn was freshly out of the hospital I really needed something to bring me back to life. So I decided to go back to school, as an outlet for myself. I first night of class was the first time I left Brooklyn with Stuart since her hospital stay, but I thought it would be ok. I was late for school, got lost and had to walk in 20 minutes late. At the break I called home and eveything was ok. After class I had missed a message from Riverside County Sherriff saying they had Brooklyn! I called immediately and found out she had left home "looking for me" and lost her way. Some neighbors called the sherrif. Stuart thought she was upstairs the whole time. Needless to say, I felt like quitting the first day. I was so intimidated and didn't know anyone. I thought maybe I couldn't leave my family. But I didn't quit. The classes were very demanding and didn't really turn out to be an outlet at all, but it was good for me. I honestly think it forced me to be strong again.
For two years I have pushed forward, overcoming numerous obstacles. I had so many doubts along the way. Despite my doubts and insecurities, I got stright A's in all my classes. This last semester was by far the toughest. I had to complete 92 hours of intern interpreting hours, in addition to working and taking care of my family. It was rough, but I honestly can say the Lord was with me and thats why I was able to suceed. For some reason the Lord wants me to do this. I hope I can be of service to deaf people, but really, I just hope that I can be the best mother for Brooklyn that I can be and get her all the help I can. She is the reason for all of this. I am thankful I didn't quit, even though I was tempted so many times! I am thankful for my family's sacrifices and support! Yay! I did it!

Notice I am leaninf down? Brian was out and about in his wheelchair from his recent surgery.

Carmen and I. She's my work buddy and we helped eachother get though this last semester. We are the only ones in our class who are married with kids.