Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why mothers need to get away

For Christmas Brian bought me a plane ticket to go visit my little sister, Hannah, in Kentucky and to see my new niece Emma. I was so excited. Allison and I were supposed to go together, but with Cameron's surgery right before the trip, she couldn't get away. So I went by myself. It was SOOOOO cold. It was quite a novelty for me though, at least it was finally cold enough to wear some of my sweaters and boots that I can't really ever wear here in California.

I arrived at a pretty bad time, with most of Kentucky out of power, because of an ice storm. It didn't really bother me though, I was there to get a break from my motherly duties and spend time with Hannah and see little Emma! Oh yeah, Spencer too:) . (Hannah's husband) Hannah felt so bad because they had no power, but they had a generator for the heat, so we survived just fine. She got her power on the next day, so we didn't rough it for too long.
The scenery was so beautiful. With ice covering everything, it looked like crystal chandeliers. We went to a few sights, but most everything was closed because it was winter (go figure) or because of the ice storm. Hannah and I went to the Kentucky Ballet in Lexington, and I am sorry to say, it was hilariously bad. The dancers were skilled individually, but as a group their timing was terrible. Perhaps they were a little off kilter with the storm and lack of power in most the city too.
On Sunday, Emma was blessed in her beautiful gown that Hannah made herself. I am proud she has followed in her sisters footsteps with her sewing ingenuity! We had a nice evening with her in-laws that afternoon.

I was determined to see a plantation while I was there on Monday or Tuesday, but they were all closed, and it was freezing (getting to 17 degrees at night) so we mostly enjoyed talking up all the air (as Brian calls it) and doting on precious Emma. It was a wonderful and relaxing trip, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go.
Meanwhile, at home, Brian was following the carefully written script to a tee and when I called to check-in, he was so supportive in telling that everything was just great and not to worry (as I always do). Of course Stuart later told me how dad was cracking the whip and he personally had to do all the work!!! (Please remember Stuart is 14 and he thinks he always does all the work, so take that with a grain of salt)
But I think the most valuable result of the trip was Brian's validation of how hard my job is!!!! Yes that's right!!!! 15 years later, I finally get a little credit for all that I do and how hard it is to take care of everything with an absent partner. I also reminded Brian of all the things I took care of for him BEFORE the trip and AFTER as well. That validation was worth every penny and I think I will be taking a trip to visit Hannah at least once a year! Overall, it was wonderful and I am so thankful for Brian's support of me getting a week off. I love you Hannah and miss your little family already.