Monday, December 29, 2008

What a great Christmas!

Christmas was so great this year. We got to celebrate it three times with all our family. We had our Geyer family Christmas two weeks before Christmas when my brother Aaron and his family came from Idaho and my brother Jake and his family came from Virginia. It was wonderful to spend time with them and get to know my neice and nephews better.

On Christmas Eve it was just our own little family, and we made and frosted christmas cookies and got to open one present each. The kids were so excited to see that Santa had brought them an Xbox 360 for Christmas along with the Guitar Hero World Tour game, so the whole family could play. It was a blast! Carson and Jackson love drums, and Brooklyn and Stuart do Guitar. I like vocals myself. Brian does Bass guitar or vocals too. We had a great morning playing together. Brooklyn just loves Hannah Montana and got a Hannah wig, Mic and dance DVD. It was a riot to watch her do it. Later that day my parents, my brother Alex and his new wife, Shauna, and my sister Allison and her family all came for Christmas dinner. It was so great to have it at our house this year. Brian and I both agreed that it was great to not have to drive anywhere for the holidays.
And last, but not least, on the 27th, Brians mom Tami and step dad, and his brother and girlfriend came to visit. We enjoyed flying Carsons new kite and playing Guitar Hero with them too.

I think there was one big reason why Christmas was so wonderful this year. In the past, Christmas usually means a whole lot of stress and expectations, and it usually gets the best of me. I usually feel sickened by the commercialization and overwhelmed by the to-do list and list of traditions that I must carry on. The stress of how to pay for it all is too much too. But this year, I had the realization that the best thing about the Holidays is being with those we love, our family and friends. Since we have been through so much this year with almost losing Brooklyn and the stress of all her needs, I felt overwhelmed in gratitude that my family is still in tact for Christmas. It would have been very hard to celebrate without her with us. I know that there are many people out there who must carry on without those they love, and I know I came very close to being in that category too. I thank God we got another chance. And my heart aches for those who have not been as fortunate as we.

So it really was a very wonderful Christmas, and even though there was a little of all the other too, what really matters is that we got to see and spend time with all those we love the most. (Hannah I will see you soon!)

Thank you all for your love and friendship and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here we are ready for Trick-or Treating! I decided to not dress-up and go as myself. Jackson was a vampire, Carson was a vampire in training and Brooklyn was Supergirl. She LOVED this costume. Its hard to hide it from her so she doesn't wear it everyday. Stuart was too cool to hang out with the Fam so he was with his friends Trick-or Treating.

My birthday new look!

So for my 33rd birthday, I decided it was time for a change . So I cut off all my hair. I really love it. The goal was to look a little more mature, but Brian thinks I look even younger. Maybe he's just trying to cover his bases!

Ready for Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! So I guess since my parents are going to get with this new thing called blogging, I will too. I don't really know what to do so we will see what happens!

The Millan family is getting ready to go visit Brian's family for Thanksgiving and the kids are all out of school. Brian is off too. It should be a great trip. We hope to have some nice downtime with family and relax.

I have my ASL-5 midterm tonight. I give a presentation in ASL on how Bacterial Meningitis relates to cochlear implants. Wish me luck!