Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mammoth Camping Trip

Brooklyn caught a fish too! She was so proud of herself!

Carson posing infront of the Minarets.

The boys in front of Mammoth Mountain. Can you beleive all that snow in June?

Stuarts pride and joy. He wanted us to pay to get it stuffed.. (yeah right!)

My fish looks bigger! I have to say I was pretty proud of it too!

We love to go up to Mammoth! We packed up and hauled our little fishing boat up to Convict Lake and Lake Mary for some good quality famliy time. We started at Convict Lake where the elevation is lower and its a little warmer at night. We knew rain was coming, but we decided to go anyway. The rain for sure came, and after that first night the boys all slept in the Expedition, leaving Brian, Brooklyn amd I to brave the cold wet nights! We survived and luckliy the sun came out eventually and we were able to dry everything out. We enjoyed riding our bikes and doing a lot of fishing!! After three days at Convict lake, we moved up to Lake Mary, our traditional fishing lake. Stuart caught the biggest fish he's ever caught! It was a 3.5 pound rainbow trout! I also caught a big one. It was 2.9 pounds. We caught a lot of fish and it was alot of fun and relaxation. Stuart loved getting up early and fishing all day. Jackson and Carson were bored with fishing and preferred to sit in the car and play game boy! I forced them out as much as I could, but apparently they really aren't the camping type. Brooklyn loved the freedom to be as dirty and care free as she wanted. I was happy as long as I got my camp shower! Of couse it was stressful for us as parents, but I think it was all worth it! We made some good memories.