Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Days Update

Well, I haven't posted in a while so here is the update:
Stuart is in his sophomore year at Lakeside Highschool. He has very long days. He goes to seminary at 6:30 and then straight to school all day and then football practice till 6 or 7 at night. Then as soon as he gets home he eats, and has homework and goes to bed. I feel so sorry for him sometimes. I feel it is too much for such a young man, but he insists on playing football and I insist on seminary so thats just the way it has to be for now. He is on JV football and also on the varsity team, so he has two games a week. As I write this it is 10:00pm and I am waiting for him to get back from an away game. Despite the long days he is adjusting better to highschool so far this year. His grades are much better and he even has A's in Chemistry and World History! We are holding our breath and hope it lasts. This is better than he has ever done as far as grades go.
Jackson is doing great at school as far as we can tell. Its hard to get him to talk about anything. He just likes solitude. But we force him to pay attention to us and give us feedback as much as we can. He has been complaining about being in the school band and so I finally relented and let him switch out. He really wanted to go to drama, and frankly I didn't think it was a good idea. Jackson really struggles with stuttering and being outgoing and social is not really his thing, but he insisted and so far is loving it! I am pleasantly surprised. Maybe this is just what he needs! We'll see if anything becomes of that. Jackson of course had all A's and has the highest grade in his math class. He usually gets his homework done before he even gets home! Its great. He just turned 12 last week and had a sleep-over watching "Goosebumps" movies all night. The boys had fun. He will be getting the priesthood this coming Sunday. He doesn't really seem to care, but he is definitely glad to be out of Primary.
Brooklyn has had quite some changes recently. We have made some medication changes and so far she hasn't had a seizure in a few weeks! Her interpreter emails me everyday about her progress, and he reports much improvement in her attentiveness and signing. I am very encouraged by what I see at home too. She attends to tasks longer, initiates conversation and can reciprocate a conversation as well. Her signing is still only one or two signs strung together, but more is emerging. She actually watches TV now! Before she could'n't even pay attention long enough to one thing to sit and watch, but now she does. It is so nice and gives me a little breathing room! We really struggle when it is time for her daily chores though, such as taking her medicine, brushing her teeth and hair, getting dressed etc. It is very frustrating! She has made me late to work on a few occasions because she just refuses to do these things. She has a sticker chart and we are trying lots of positive reinforcement, but it really just depends on her moods. Over all I see quite an awakening in her countenance. We feel very hopeful for the future.
Carson is my little helper boy recently. I have told him he has to be the model for good behavior for Brooklyn. I use him as an example alot. He has a sticker chart and is so diligent about his daily jobs. He gets two dollars on Saturday if his charts are full. He really likes this system. He is doing well in school, however first grade is a big adjustment from Kindergarten. He has lots of homework every day and his day is longer as well. I am shocked at the first grade expectations! Daily homework is two pages (front and back) of math and writing spelling words, practicing his high frequency words, and reading for 20 minutes. It is alot, but he has adjusted and he now can do most of it all on his own without ay help.
Well there is the update. I am working about 24 hours a week and taking two classes as well. We all have to follow a very tight schedule to fit it all in. What is the most awesome is that Brian is working day watch and we can all be home together in the evenings. What a difference that has made in our family!


Spencer, Hannah and Emma Hubbard said...

What a busy family. I am so proud of you all. I remember the days where you were gone at school and activites all day. Tell Stuart to hang in there, it's all worth it. We love you and miss you! We just bought our Christmas tickets! Yay!

Kellie said...

Lynsey, all I can say is WOW!!! Parenting is so different than what we expect. I'm so amazed to see how you can handle four kids, all so different and demanding. It's funny how things change from physical demands from our kids to emotional demands. That's great to hear about the good grades and your improvements with Brooklyn. Jackson and drama, who knew?! Jake has been reviewing all of Reesa's signs, and we are so amazed how much she remembers. She'll love to see Brooklyn! Carson is fun, I was hoping to hear his funny quote of the day! I'm so glad things have been working out with Brian's job, and that you're getting to spend more time as a family. What a blessing. Loving and missing you!!!